Thursday, July 20, 2006

why is this all upside down?

why has my blog gone all upside down starting with the newest? Do people here like to read books from back to front? have had to go through all the posts and edit them now.

Also wanted to say use some latex glove because it is very pleasant, and just your finger because you will probably learn more.

There are about eight channels going from the edge of the lobes to the centre, so kind of go along each of the eight of them for one second,slowly moving from the top of the lobe to the bottom, and then gently go down the valley in the centre.

to begin with however, rub around the area really gently to arouse it, it should make it easier.

when the white fluid of the prostate is all empty, the transparent sticky stuff from the seminal vesicles will start to come through. I usually stop when I have the first drop of this because otherwise it seemed to tire it all out, sometimes in the next few hours lots of transparent sticky stuff comes out, I'm going to find out what this is all about.


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