Thursday, July 20, 2006

top view

here is another picture. you can see that the area labelled "P"is the posterior lobe, which is what you feel with your finger towards the anus side, and the area labelled with "A" is the anterior lobe which faces the penis.

As you can see, it looks like all the areas that are accessible with the finger seem to be the ones that have the most fluid.

Of all the different ways to milk the prostate, I have found that the best way is to start with the lobes, and rub them gently towards the centre.

Then very gently feel the groove in the middle and empty it downwards.
What I'm very interested in is about how the prostate becomes aroused, because with the right touch, when it is quite full, and this has happened only a couple of times, you can feel sensations which are better than normal orgasm that can be prolonged for longer.

I had my finger in their and just I felt a piece that made all of me wriggling in delight so kept on going really gently at it, somewhere just above the bundle of nerves in the valve area at the base of the prostate, I can't really remember where. I went on at it for about two or three minutes about as hard as stroking a ladybird without squashing it, and it was really powerful and gorgeous.

Perhaps it is possible to stimulate all the muscles around the prostate and surrounding areas so that they empty and squeezed themselves without even pressing a finger on them. Just by turning them on. This is the kind of thing I am going to find out.


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