Thursday, July 20, 2006

this blog will be giving all the details of how I am finding out about the strange mysteries of prostate milking/prostate massaging.

from a fun biology point of view.I'm interested in exactly what it can do, what is going on in there, how your awareness of the prostate changes your power over it over time.

here is a picture. when you are feeling a prostate, preferably yours (don't try this on the person in front of you in the bus queue) you will feel the two bumps on either side with a soft channel in the middle.the black line underneath the prostate is a muscle, and around this level there is a valve and some sensitive nerves.

as a general guideline I think it is safe to only ever rub as hard as you would if you were rubbing your eyeball, especially the bundles of nerves,which feel like slightly harder nodular areas in the middle and lower area, and the seminal vesicles above the prostate.

Perhaps it is safe to say you must become as handy with your prostate as you are rubbing your eye ball example you wouldn't poke your tear gland in the corner of your eye suddenly, just a little rub.


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